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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:45 am 
5th Gear
5th Gear
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Joined: Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:27 pm
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Location: Halifax, NS
First event!

Location: Stoneridge Fellowship Church - 85 Temple Terrace Lower, Lower Sackville, NS
Organizer: ASCC Solo committee
Timing and Scoring: James, Charlotte, Cathy Partridge, and Krista Nelson
Registrar: Charlotte, Cathy Partridge and Krista Nelson
Entry Fee: $30.00 (for members of an ARMS-affiliate club). If it's your first ever event, this includes membership!

0800: Volunteers are asked to arrive.
0845: Registration and Scrutineering Open.
0930: Course open for walking (tentative)
1015: Registration and Scrutineering Closed.
1035: Drivers meeting.
1040: Official course walk.
1100: First car starts.

Since the church was gracious enough to let us do one event for May when shearwater isn't available, please obey the following rules:

1) Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.

2) No speeding or reckless driving anywhere on or near the property.

3) Do not leave ANY garbage on site. We will have bags near the timing trailer for garbage, there are no excuses for leaving garbage anywhere.

There will either be a lunchbreak between morning/afternoon rungroups, or 3 rungroups. Lots of places nearby to get food.

Insurance: As required by ARMS, provided by ASN Canada FIA. Waiver to be signed by all persons on-site. Waiver must be signed every event!

Regulations: This event will be held under the General Competition Rules of ARMS, and the Atlantic Sports Car Club event regulations. All competitors must be present for the Drivers meeting. If you can not make it, contact me prior.


Note- 2018 ASCC Autoslalom series following the ARMS classing and points system, with the addition of the "ISI Raw Time Challenge" classes. Find the ARMS rules here: ... ons_v1.pdf

Car classing can be found here. ... d/download

Please try and class your car prior to the event. If you have questions, ask here or email I can also assign numbers.

When entering the site, please park on the area on the left until it is full. We try to keep the right side lot empty to allow stopbox runoff and traffic flow.

'99 BMW M3 / '01 BMW 330i / "Elvic"
ASCC Solo Director

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 8:38 am 
5th Gear
5th Gear
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Joined: Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:27 pm
Posts: 1185
Location: Halifax, NS

PositionDriverCarClassRun 1penaltyRun 2penaltyRun 3penaltyRun 4PenaltyBestFactor (PAX)Adjusted TimeOverall PointsISI ChallengeGrouping PointsGRP
1Greg SScion FRS 2015DS39.08138.8638.70838.6138.610.79430.65610095.625100Street
2Joel NHonda Civic CX 1995FSP38.29138.34238.0337.66437.6640.81930.84799.38198.027100Street Prepared
3Scott MBMW M3 1999STR37.89237.7137.49538.04637.4950.82330.85899.34598.469100Street Touring
4Ryan ZHonda Civic 2015HS41.08340.44139.87739.66139.6610.78130.97598.9793.09198.97Street
5Trevor GVW Golf GTI 2011GS39.8540.13439.50239.90439.5020.78631.04998.73493.46698.734Street
6Andrew SScion FRS 2015DS39.737140.38339.4439.95539.440.79431.31597.89693.61397.896Street
7Zack MMini Cooper 2007DS39.78140.11939.66239.44639.4460.79431.3297.8893.59997.88Street
8Alan GVW Golf GTI 2011GS40.56740.13640.802140.39940.1360.78631.54797.17691.9997.176Street
9Vince WChev Corvette 2005SSP38.30438.224237.9937.18737.1870.85231.68396.75999.28597.361Street Prepared
10Colin WHonda CRX SI 1990SMF40.23339.53238.96938.30238.3020.83932.13595.39896.394100Street Modified
11Ryan JScion TC 2015STS40.62240.243139.435139.72639.7260.8132.17895.2792.93995.898Street Touring
12Marc VScion FRS 2015STS40.10539.77640.06739.95839.7760.8132.21995.14992.82295.776Street Touring
13Evan WBMW 328 1997STX40.09440.0540.29939.72739.7270.81332.29894.91692.93795.542Street Touring
14Patricia DHonda Civic CX 1995FSP42.1241.02440.22639.58839.5880.81932.42394.5593.26395.139Street Prepared
20Stephen PBMW M3 1997SMT38.856138.79438.047138.945138.7940.83632.43294.52495.17299.084Street Modified
15Sebastien BSubaru WRX STI 2015BS41.21240.80640.74440.25740.2570.80832.52894.24591.71394.245Street
16Michael SHonda CRX Si 1989SMF40.71139.00739.14138.77138.7710.83932.52994.24295.22898.789Street Modified
17Ben EMazda Miata1997XP37.9737.63537.12536.92136.9210.88432.63893.927100100Prepared
18Owen SBMW M3 2006FS43.45641.18541.18940.97940.9790.79732.6693.86490.09793.864Street
23Devon TScion FRS 2013SMT39.24139.59939.14439.11239.1120.83632.69893.75594.39898.278Street Modified
19Colin CHyundai Veloster 2014HS43.90142.3841.91141.97741.9110.78132.73293.65888.09493.658Street
21Jeremy SFord Focus RS 2017BS40.54740.69640.432140.771140.5470.80832.76293.57291.05793.572Street
22Michael RBMW M3 2002STU40.10940.43840.719140.04140.0410.82432.99492.91492.20893.526Street Touring
24Nicholas FKia Forte 2016HS46.03543.8343.10142.40242.4020.78133.11692.57287.07492.572Street
25Dave HFord Mustang 2017CAM C41.923o/c42.188140.99440.81440.8140.81633.30492.04990.462100CAM
26Ryan JFord Mustang 2017FS43.72643.16541.86342.87941.8630.79733.36591.88188.19591.881Street
27Brian PFord Mustang 2003SM40.5339.76239.34739.5739.3470.85333.56391.33993.83495.745Street Modified
28Evan NScion FRS 2015STX43.14141.98641.51141.31641.3160.81333.5991.26589.36291.867Street Touring
29Kyle HAudi A5 2013DS48.06342.89642.623dnf43.11342.8960.79434.05990.00986.07190.009Street
30Jeff CNissan 370 2011STR41.53541.53140.606141.27141.5310.82334.1889.6988.990.281Street Touring
31Christopher SHonda Civic SI 2014STX46.13543.07942.36442.05442.0540.81334.1989.66487.79490.254Street Touring
32Colin MFord Mustang 2003SM41.16540.696140.11240.48140.1120.85334.21689.59692.04593.918Street Modified
33Orrie FChev Corvette 2015SS43.02142.01541.88742.36641.8870.81734.22289.5888.14489.58Street
34C J VScion FRS 2015STX42.9542.13941.512141.459142.1390.81334.25989.48387.61790.073Street Touring
35Ashton BScion FRS 2014STX43.41842.16141.9147.041142.1610.81334.27789.43687.57190.025Street Touring
36Brandon PVolkswagon Golf R 2017SM43.059o/c40.88340.35340.398140.3530.85334.42189.06291.49593.359Street Modified
37Logan WSubaru Impreza STI 2007BS52.04o/c42.96242.811o/c42.67542.6750.80834.48188.90786.51788.907Street
38Debbie MMazda Miata 1990STR45.29142.457o/c42.49641.98841.9880.82334.55688.71487.93289.299Street Touring
39Bill MFord Mustang 2014SM42.606340.94341.34540.57740.5770.85334.61288.5790.9992.844Street Modified
40Chris PHonda Civic 1990XP39.72346.13639.37339.20539.2050.88434.65788.45594.17494.174Prepared
41Brett DNissan 180 SX 1991XP32.809o/c39.864139.27939.373139.2790.88434.72388.28793.99793.995Prepared
42Hankun ZPorsche Cayman 718 2018AS49.41244.64443.749o/c42.77642.7760.81434.8288.04186.31288.041Street
43Justin FMazda 3 2014HS45.184244.96944.6644.79144.660.78134.87987.89282.67187.892Street
44Brian CBMW 135 2009STU44.20543.24742.42442.71642.4240.82434.95787.69687.02988.274Street Touring
45liev RBMW 325 I 1992GS47.147o/c44.69543.993144.31144.6950.78635.1387.26482.60787.264Street
46Zachary BHonda Civic 1991SMF44.58242.91642.26842.14742.1470.83935.36186.69487.60190.877Street Modified
47Jonathan HBMW 328 xi 2011ASP44.11642.87241.7941.74341.7430.84835.39886.60488.44887.143Street Prepared
48Maxwell ASubaru Impreza 2007BS50.04o/c45.41744.91443.86743.8670.80835.44586.48984.16686.489Street
49Kyle THonda S2000 2006SSM42.153141.647o/c41.45240.82240.8220.87135.55686.21990.44490.379Street Modified
50Peter DNissan SER Spec V 2003STX39.969o/c45.283o/c44.87844.00544.0050.81335.77685.68983.90286.253Street Touring
51Devon MHonda Civic 1998XP41.94840.997142.99940.56440.5640.88435.85985.4991.01991.018Prepared
52Robert WChev Corvette 2005SSP43.50144.15642.24142.10942.1090.85235.87785.44887.6885.98Street Prepared
53Allen MMini Cooper S 2002SMF48.20660.52944.497o/c42.90642.9060.83935.99885.1686.05189.269Street Modified
54Jeff TSubaru BRZ 2013DS42.159o/c50.481o/c49.03846.42846.4280.79436.86483.1679.52383.16Street
55Bryan DHonda Civic Si 2018GS50.82647.17648.888149.47647.1760.78637.0882.67578.26282.675Street
56Kevin ASubaru Legacy GT 2000SMT48.31647.12645.7245.1445.140.83637.73781.23681.79285.155Street Modified
57Jarred LSubaru Forester 2001SM44.86999.002dnf99.00399.00444.8690.85338.27380.09882.28683.963Street Modified
58Jordan HMitsubishi Lancer 2015HS54.77350.22650.21550.77950.2150.78139.21878.16873.52678.168Street
59Cheryl OScion FRS 2013SMT47.538o/c47.12244.691o/c35.658o/c47.1220.83639.39477.81978.35281.573Street Modified
60Jared DVollkswagon GTI 2012STH63.993o/c60.11556.67552.13552.1350.81142.28172.50570.81872.983Street Touring
61Rob MHyundai Genesis 2012STH58.521o/c55.737o/c52.66250.634o/c52.6620.81142.70971.77970.10972.252Street Touring
62Xiuzhe XSubaru BRZ 2016STX60.609o/c63.467o/c52.228146.45o/c54.2280.81344.08769.53568.08569.993Street Touring
63Ashley CScion FRS 2015STX72.50960.768o/c57.444155.56855.5680.81345.17767.85866.44368.305Street Touring
64Chris DHyundai Veloster 2016SMFT42.456o/c42.356o/c41.886o/c41.992o/cNo Time0.822No Time000Street Modified

'99 BMW M3 / '01 BMW 330i / "Elvic"
ASCC Solo Director

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 11:18 am 
Irregular Member
Irregular Member
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Sixty four cars at a club event?



The fricton circle for my 911 Porsche resembles more of an oblong... I'm either trailbraking or accelerating while trying to get it to turn!

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 11:42 am 
5th Gear
5th Gear
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Joined: Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:27 pm
Posts: 1185
Location: Halifax, NS
Despite being our smallest venue, it has the biggest draw. I wish we could maintain that level for shearwater.

'99 BMW M3 / '01 BMW 330i / "Elvic"
ASCC Solo Director

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